Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from live edge furniture?

Expect that your friends, guests or clients will notice your beautiful table and comment on it. Expect that your live edge table will be with you for a very long time…you will never want to let it go!

Who should buy our tables?

Folks who appreciate unique, one of a kind handcrafted furniture. Our tables do not have a manufactured look and are definitely not mass produced. Our tables are “perfectly imperfect”. As we like to say, we make “tables with a soul”.

Are live edge wood table slabs sustainable and “green”?

Yes, all of our slabs are sourced within 100 miles of Hickory North Carolina and eighty percent are sourced within 20 miles. Our tables are sustainable in that they will last a lifetime and probably several lifetimes. Most of our trees are reclaimed and would otherwise be destined for firewood or left to rot.

Are the slab tables kiln dried?

Yes, our tables are air dried and then kiln dried to a moisture content of 9%-12%. All slabs will be air dried for a minimum of two years before sent to the kiln. Kiln dried slabs ensure maximum stability and play a roll in a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Will my table bow, cup, twist, or crack?

It has a soul…… and has not been sawed into pieces and glued back together. However; bowing, cupping, or twisting will be only slight and will not impede on its’ functionality. A bowtie or other inlay may be installed over a crack to ensure against further splitting.

What finishes do you use on your wood slabs?

We have tried many finishes for our tables. We have found a great oil-modified polyurethane to be the best finish. It offers the best balance between aesthetics and durability. It is a low build finish that offers a natural “non-plastic” look. This sealer plays a great roll in bringing out the stunning beauty in our live edge wood slabs. We offer this finish in a satin sheen. We can also offer custom finishes.

Will I need to assemble my table?

If your table is shipped, some light assembly is required. Your legs will be shipped separately. Attaching the legs to your table is fairly easy. Each hole for the bracket has been pre-drilled and may be marked (a,b,c etc.). In most cases, marking will not be necessary. A cordless drill is recommended. If your table is a local pickup or delivered by us, we will assemble your table.

What if I like one of your wood slabs but want a different height or style?

Any of our slabs can be changed to almost any height. If you see a coffee table that you like, we can change the leg height and make a small desk or sofa table. As you can see from our portfolio, we offer many different leg styles. Please feel free to shoot us an email about a leg style you have in mind.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, if you are not absolutely in love with it you can return your table. However, packaging and shipping charges will be your responsibility.

If I have my table shipped, how will it be packaged?

We build a custom crate for each table to ensure safe delivery. Table legs are shipped separately.

Do you deliver the furniture?

We are happy to deliver your table within 100 miles of Hickory NC…free!…we love road trips!

Do you ship throughout the U.S.?

Yes. Please note that the customer is responsible for any shipping charges. Tables are generally shipped UPS, but if you have a preference, please let us know.